Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Terms of sales of the Online – Shop of Eddine Belaid
1. Validity
Eddine Belaid (later called “eb”) carries out all the supplies and the services for orders in the ‘Online- Shop (later called “Online-Shop) exclusively on the basis of these general sales terms in force at the moment of order. The client declares  to be expressly fully conscious and agrees to these general sales terms at the moment of the submission of the order  in the ‘Online- Shop.
The supply from the ‘Online –Shop is currently limited only to the Swiss Territory and to the Principality of Liechtenstein.
The supplies only happen to the final customer. It’s forbidden the resale of the products.
2. Products
The information of the products in the ‘Online-Shop are not binding and we don’t ensure for their accuracy, completeness o up-to-dateness. Eb has the faculty to modify them, to adapt them or to cancel them. The same thing is said for the standards of quality, for the botanical descriptions, chemistries and contents, composition or indications of the origin of the product.Besides there may be also changes in the assortment and  the images and the descriptions of the products as well as the design can change in the display respect to the original one in the Online-Shop.
3. Prices
All prices are in Swiss francs (CHF) and include VAT. Prices shown in the ‘Online-Shop are valid at the moment of order.Prices are for unpacked goods without shipping costs. The shipping and the packing costs are counted separately according to the dispositions of number 6 subsequently put in account. Delivery is by mail with Post Pac Economy.We reserve the rights to change prices; prices will be periodically updated in the Online-shop and will be effective from the date of publication.In case of an incorrect indication of the prices in the order made, eb can successively modify the price. In that case eb will inform the customer of this error by phone or e-mail. The customer has the right to cancel the purchase of the product.
4. Orders
Orders take place through an order form in the ‘Online-Shop and will be binding upon shipment of the order by the costumer. The customer is responsible for the accuracy and the completeness of the online order  and for the shipping and billing information. The order will be processed normally as requested without any request of clarification for the customer.Eb is not liable for transmission errors or data entry errors through the pc by the customer. The customer has no right to back out of  the order because of there errors, except different agreements taken individually with eb.The customer may  cancel the order only with an indication of the reasons of recess and with expressed agreement by  eb.Eb is free to refuse to process the order at any time and without giving any explanations.  In this case eb will inform the customer by phone or by email.A purchase contract will be signed only when eb confirm the order  or the shipment to the customer or,  if there is not a confirmation, it will be confirmed  the despatch of the goods by the Swiss Post.
5. Availability
eb  owns a warehouse for the products offered in the ‘Online Shop. And however  eb cannot guarantee the availability of products in the Online Shop.Eb reserves the right not to ship the products ordered, for example if these products are not available from the manufacturer/supplier or if the products cannot be supplied completely or if they will not be into production anymore.Eb will inform the customer by phone or by email about all the not available products  and about the products that  cannot be supplied. The contract will have no value. Products not supplied will not be shipped as soon as again available, but the customer  will have to worry about doing a new order from the ‘Online-Shop if he wishes.
6. Delivery
The delivery date depends on the circumstances. Products in stock will be packed and shipped normally 1 to 5 days from the date of the order.The indications of the terms of delivery are no binding  reference times. Delivery can be delayed if the ordered products are not available in stock but available from the manufacturer/supplier where eb supplies. In case of long delays  eb will inform the customer on the situation  by phone or by email.  In case of default of delivery as delays of delivery the client has no rights. The customer is however obliged to accept and to pay the goods and  there is no right of recess or compensation for damage.In case of unpaid invoices by the customer at the ‘Online-Shop, eb reserves the right to refuse orders and to hold the goods until payment is doneShipping costs (Port and packing material) are  14.00 CHF per order (VAT included) if the order amount reaches a sum of 200,–CHF. Beyond this amount any transport cost will not be applied .
7. Terms of payment
The customer pay with credit card (VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD) and shows the data of the credit card at the moment of the online order.With this online ordering process credit card data will be encoded and trasmitted  through SSL technology  (PayPal). Eb will enter the customer’s credit card data in the system and will start an online request of authorization at every cardholder credit institution. Without  authorization  eb can refuse the order of the customer.On the statement of the customer’s credit card, the purchases are visible under “Eddine Belaid aveda exclusive salon”. Credit card numbers will not stay recorded in the eb system for long time.Faithful customers will  have the possibility to pay with the submission of invoice. The invoice will be paid within 20 days from the order without deductions. Unauthorized deductions, costs for reminder of payment (30.-CHF from the 2nd reminder of payment) and operating costs  are charged to the customer.All the due invoices must be paid before sending a new order, otherwise eb may suspend  the pending order or the future ones.
8. Right to cancel and returning goods
The goods received and unused, inside the original package and in perfect condition, can be returned to  eb within 10 days if the customer has informed eb regarding the will to return the goods within 5 days from the receiving of the goods,  and only if eb agrees with the returning.The return of the goods will be evaluated as receding from the purchase. It will have costs, responsibility and risks to the customer if there is no incorrect shipment from ebThe return of the goods must be addressed to Eddine Belaid aveda exclusive salon, Alfred Escher Strasse 23, 8002 Zürich. The purchase price will be credited to the customer.
9. Reserve of Ownership
Until full payment of the purchase price and all other costs including interest on delayed payment, the goods will remain property of eb.If the customer delays the payment of the purchase price, eb is authorized to back out of the contract and to withdraw the goods delivered which costs will be charged to the customer.
10. Exclusion of responsability and warrenties
Eb is responsible for  an accurate and timely delivery of the order, but he is not liable for errors or differences in images,  prices,  data , texts or for  delayed and missing supplies, except for willing fault as serious negligence from ebWith the delivery of the goods at the post eb has fulfilled all the obligation under the order made by the customer and the use and danger of the product are under the custody of the customer. The customer is obliged to check the delivered goods and make a written communication to eb for any complaints within 7 days from the date upon receipt of the goods. In presence of defects the customer has the right to request a replacement delivery or the reduction of the purchase price. The customer is obliged to return the defective goods. The customer has no rights in case of minor defects or damages caused by transport. It will be excluded any responsibility from eb  for the remaining part – if not legally admitted –Moreover eb does not answer in any way for the contents of the offer in the ‘Online-Shop about the completeness and up-to-dateness and that  the complete offer or parts of it cannot be modify, added, deleted or suspended without prior notice.
11. Security/Data Protection / Intellectual Property
The sensitive customer data needed for the procedure ordering the products will be stored at eb and treated confidentially. In the procedure for ordering products and the supplies, these data can be supplied to third  who they must deal them in equally confidential way.Payment from customers are made through protected technology  (SSL)  the data will be transmitted in codified form. For the security of transmitted data, eb  does not take any responsibilityAll materials use by eb as images in the ‘Online-Shop are subject to copyright and can be used from customer only by previous agreement of the authors themselves. The brands and the trademarks mentioned in the offer in the ‘Online-Shop are governed by the provisions of the law on the protection of brands and trademarks.
12. No liability for foreigh links
The eb web pages named as ‘Online-Shop can contain links that are third parts websites. The third parts websites can refer to eb web pages at the ‘Online-Shop. Eb does not take any responsibility for such web pages and their contents, products, services or other offers as also the confidentiality of the sensitive data treated by third parties. The activation of a link is made under the own customer and user responsibility
13. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The legal issues between customer and eb are jurisdiction of the Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich and eb is authorized to report a complain near the place of the customer residence. The eb sales office corresponds to the place of the carrying out  (8002 Zurich)
14. Come into effect / Alterations
These general terms of sales are valid from 15.12.2010 . They replace the general conditions of sale in effect until that date for all the orders in the ‘Online Shop.Eb reserves the right to adapt the general terms of sale in any moment; the new general terms of sale apply to all orders carried out after the coming into force in the ‘Online Shop.